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Best TV 2014-2015


The best TVs for 2014-2015 is really a personal choice. There are so many different TV's on the market right now and so many brands to choose from narrowing them down to the best is hard. A lot of what is going to make a TV best for you is going to be the cost. 



The price of TV's can range from $400 all the way up to $9000 (although I am not sure what a TV would have to do no matter how much money I had to blow to get me to pay $9000 for it). There are primarily two types of TV screens out on the market right now the LCD LED TV or the Plasma Screen TV. Both look the same but they are a bit different and function differently. 

Some of the most popular TV brands are going to be: 








Best TV 2014-2015 LED

LCD LED TV's offer sharp pictures that lose a bit of the sharpness when images move quickly across the screen while Plasma Screen TV's gain sharpness as the image moves. Plasma TV's offer the truest colors. LCD LED TV's offer  higher energy savings. So what is the best TV to buy?


Visio TV's

Vizio! I like this company and I like their TV's. I like the company because it is an American based company and I like that they started with 3 employees and built their way to the top by providing high quality merchandise that the average person can afford.



Vizio makes TV's from 32 inches on up. One of the best TV's to buy is the Visio 42 incher. 42 inch TV's seem to be the perfect size. The technology seems to be enhanced at 43 inches and the picture quality begins to decrease as you go larger.


Panasonic Viera Series 

Panasonic is a good strong reputable brand. The Viera series of televisions offer plenty of perks like the passive 3D pictures and photo sharing and a bunch of high tech amenities. The pictures are clear and the screen size starts at a modest thirty inches and goes all the way up to a tremendous 80 inch screen size. 



The Best TVs 2013 

Choosing the best TVs of 2013 really comes down to your personal needs. Budget, space and performance are all things that only you can decide. Hopefully reviews can help you to narrow your list down.